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De-Stress 50ml Calming Mist

Essential De-Stress: 50ml Calming Mist: For the relief of tiredness, irritibility, occasional depression

( Essential Harmony )

A calming blend of pure essential oils including Mandarin, Ylang Ylang and Petitgrain. Relieves tiredness, irritability, occasional depression and anxiety caused by stress. Slows a rapid heartbeat, eases breathing and improves memory. Can be used around the room or around the head area - breathe slowly and deeply to obtain maximum benefit.

Perfect for daytime use.Note:The De-Stress Calming mist is wonderful for use in the car as it freshens and disinfects the air but relaxes and aids focus. Spray around the head area or towards the floor area. Tip: Although the spray is perfectly natural always avoid spraying on leather seats.

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